How to speed up the property buying process

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Speed Up Home Buying Process

More and more Perth residents have realised the advantages of buying home properties. However, the home buying journey has become a marathon – nowadays, it normally takes more than two years for homebuyers before they are even ready to make an offer for a home.

There are so many advantages of purchasing home properties. As an investment, home property has the potential to increase in value over time and it may provide an additional source of income once the property is paid off.

In a home property, there are a number of ways you can invest. For example, you can invest directly as an individual or if you have one, through self-managed super funds (SMSF). However just like most things in life, risk is also present.

One popular advantage of investing in real property is by using it for rental income. If you’re renting out your investment property, you’ll be getting money from someone else to contribute to your home loan, which means you could pay off your mortgage sooner.

Tax benefits are also one of the reasons why investing in real estate sounds interesting to many. Many of the costs associated with an investment property such as advertising for tenants, cleaning, gardening, pest control, maintenance, and the interest you fee on your loan are often tax deductible.

Of all the types of investment we have these days, real estate investing is definitely one of the best there is. Home property may allow you to secure finance to achieve other goals, whether they be investment or lifestyle oriented; you build home equity. What is home equity? It is basically the current market value of your home. The market value of your home can either go up or down, but it most cases, it always goes up as time passes unless, certain unforseen events occur.

Home buying is indeed a smart investment. However, property buying process takes a lot of time especially that the ability to borrow money has become tougher in Australia, even as property price growth has slowed in most locations.

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Home owners are happier than renters: survey

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Eventually, it will happen to all of us when we go to pay the rent and realise how much money we hand over at rent time. Then we start to wonder if maybe we’d be better off putting that money towards purchasing our own home.

Home prices post first annual fall in six years

Choosing whether buying a new home or just rent it is never an easy decision because it is a big one to make. In fact, this decision is one that will have an effect on you and your lifestyle for many years ahead.

Most people dream of buying their own home. They aspire of owning a house that is under their name. If we’re planning to start a family, the urge to have our own home frequently becomes a lot stronger. We want to put have a long term investment. We want to buy a new home to have a feeling of financial and emotional security, as well as linking into a community for our kids to grow up in. All of these are strong motivations to buy your own home.

Of course, there are a number of huge benefits buying your own home can bring. However, it also has disadvantages. When you buy your own home, it becomes your responsibility. For instance, any damage to your property becomes your responsibility. If a part or the whole house breaks, you’ll fix it.

Another disadvantage of buying a house instead of renting it is that you’ll be required to have large amount of money. Real estate becomes expensive every year so you have to be prepared financially if you want to buy your own home.

Finally, owning a house also means that you might be paying property taxes. This does not happen when you only rent.

According to a survey conducted by National Australia Bank, home owners are actually happier than those who are renting. For more details, read the article by WA Today:

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entrepreneurial success is impossible without creativity: ‘zig when others zag’ and more tips

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entrepreneurial success is impossible without creativity: ‘zig when others zag’ and more tips

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Think Different

If you think that creativity and business are like oil and water which don’t mix, you are totally wrong. The thought is that business is a practical, down to earth pursuit while creativity is flighty and prone to chaos, which is the opposite of business and entrepreneurship. However, to become a successful entrepreneur, it demands creativity. The problem that business owners face is how we define creativity in business.

The first mistake people make is they fail to correctly understand the creative process. We think of it as something that is haphazard. A creative type waits around for an inspiration to hit and can do nothing until that happens.

To awaken your creative side, the powerful way of doing this is by knowing that you are actually a creative person. Keep in mind that in business, coming up with great ideas is half of the battle. So believe in your own convictions, you might find great ideas and opportunities that other people as well as your competitors have overlooked. Try to play chess while others are playing checkers.

A creative entrepreneur knows how to try, test, and improve strategies in managing his business. This will help him in his decision-making process and is extremely important because in business, you can’t shy away from making decisions.

Read this blog post to learn more about how creativity can help your business’ success:

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Motivating Employees

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Resulta ng larawan para sa Motivating Employees\

The success of any business does not only depend on how great their ideas, business plan, or financial decisions are; but it also depends on how the employees perform. One of the most common questions business owners asks is “how do we motivate our employees?” Traditionally, the answer to this question revolves around the two types of motivation.

The first type of motivation is the intrinsic motivation wherein the employee experiences the joy of working as its own reward. This employee is consistently on time, meet and usually exceed expectations, and contribute to high company morale.

The second one is the extrinsic motivation where the employee is attracted to working at a particular business because of factors outside themselves, such as money, time off, promotions, or recognition. This employee is less likely to make a substantial contribution to the organisation because his or her first interest is him or herself.

The issues of motivating people are not simple to solve. The secret to motivating employees is to understand what truly motivates human beings. Contrary to prior belief it is not money, praise, or perks. It is how these symbols are represented in the employee’s brain.

If you observe leaders of breakout companies that have motivated and satisfied employees, you will realise that take notes and one by one response to their employees’ concerns. This is how things start to shift regarding their morale.

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Do I really need a business plan?

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Most entrepreneurs are creative. But even though they have the best product or service ideas in their minds, they still need a plan in order to become successful in this competitive business world. All businesses need business plans. They are not only required for startup businesses, but established organisations need them too. Business plans are extremely important as they help business owners define their strategic goals that will enable them to hit or surpass your financial and non-financial business goals.

However, a business plan is not a budget. A business plan is an annual plan on how you will reach your financial and business goals based on strategic information such as competitors, target customers, geographic expansion and so on. On the other hand, a budget is a management tool that breaks down in detail by month how you will achieve the plan. The budget is used to compare actual performance against budgeted performance so that you can take immediate action when things go off track.


Writing a business plan is normally a challenging experience. In fact, according to many entrepreneurs, this is one of the reasons why starting a business is extremely difficult especially for those entrepreneurs that are inexperienced and have no skill in writing entrepreneurial plan. It’s no wonder people looking to start or grow a business have a tough time finding help in this area.

Do you really need a business plan? Know the answer by reading this article from Flying Solo Australia:

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Here’s the exact email to send a new connection without seeming annoying or needy

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There are a lot of entrepreneurs who believe that email marketing has taken a back seat to other forms of exposure such as social media and the Smartphone applications such as Instagram and Snapchat – these platforms have been the age’s most popular marketing platforms. However, times are soon to change.

Image result for email

In fact, many have already noted that over the past two years the levels of responsiveness have dropped. This has less to do with a shift towards other forms of media and more to do with how the email is presented. It is likely that 2016 and beyond will see a renewed focus into email campaigns as search engines continually revamp their algorithmic requirements in terms of SERP exposure. How can you leverage the best practices to make the most out of this approach?

Clearly incorporating social media connections with an effective marketing campaign can do a lot of advantage. Social media can be a great platform when it comes to reaching a large number of potential clients but communicating via email messages is still more professional and personal at the same time, and more importantly, it is direct.

Are you using Email Marketing to promote your business, products or services? If the answer is no, you could be missing out on a massive opportunity to increase your sales or customers.

For more on email marketing and knowing the exact email to send a new connection without seeming annoying or needy, check out this article:

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Clever Tips for Marketing Your Mobile Food Business

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A business such as mobile food or drink is arguably one of the most difficult to market especially with restaurants and coffee shops rising up left and right in your local area. That is why you really need a business plan and an excellent marketing strategy in order to grow such kind of business. With this situation, competition remains among your biggest obstacles to market dominance.

Image result for mobile food

What should you do to market your mobile food business successfully? As a food or drink startup, you need to put everything you have got, or even a bit more, into the best product possible making a great impression to your customers. Your primary objective is to make someone pick up your product, try it, want it again and again, and then share the information about your product with his families and friends.

But how do you get from having a product that you think is great to having a product that retailers and consumers are falling over themselves to try? Well, it’s simply matter of how you market your food or drink product to your target audience.

Knowing how to promote your online business is an essential skill to have in your arsenal. Together with a great food or drink product and an emphasis on outstanding customer service, your marketing efforts will keep new customers coming and old ones returning.

For more on marketing a food business, check out this article published by

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A Definition of Advertising by Richard F. Taflinger

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Are you running a business for years but haven’t increased the number of your customers and sales? If you are in a business no matter what size or type you are running, it is necessary for them to use advertising in order to generate the increase of product sales in time, succeed. By using advertising, it is potential for you to reach large number of buyers at one time. Besides, advertising will work well if it is targeted to the people who have a need for the product.

business news perth

Advertising basically includes advantages, features, and other information about the products and services that will help the purchasing decisions of the customers. So, these are going to give you some information about some benefits of advertising a product.

When you advertise, the first thing you need to do is to introduce the product. Advertising is very beneficial to introduce certain product that you want to sell to public. If you cannot sell your product, it will be tough for you to grow your business. In addition, you will also find difficulty to sell your product if people do not familiar with it. So, if you can introduce your product to the customer and they are attracted, you will be easier to earn a lot of money from your business.

Click here to learn more about advertising:

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Deep-Clean Your Bathroom in 7 Steps

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The bathroom is a place where we clean our bodies before or after the day’s work. This is the reason why it is important for us to know the right steps not only on how to renovate it, but how to keep your bathroom spotless clean and fresh as well.

Bathrooms PerthDirty stuff can be present in our bathroom so it can be messy anytime. Any dirt you’ll get outside or even inside the house would be rinsed off in the bathroom. In this case, the cleanliness of your bathrooms is as important as keeping your living room clean.

One very essential thing to remember when cleaning your bathroom is that you should first prepare all the stuff that you specifically need. There are some effective tools you need to prepare as they are the only ones would effectively clean the different messes and stains in your bathroom. You need to choose the appropriate tools otherwise using the wrong cleaning tools might damage the fixtures or parts of your bathroom.

Another thing you need to prepare is the cleaning mixtures and products that you will need. Choose the one who is mild enough for your skin not to be damaged but strong enough to effectively remove the dirt and stain.

Always remember that in cleaning, you should also make sure that you have the tools and cleaning products in appropriate order to keep the materials within reach.

Learn more about bathroom cleaning at:

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Small Baths

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If you have been planning to give your small bath a new look, it’s time to take the plunge. While Bathroom renovations won’t be easy to do, some tips here and there will certainly help you. That is why we have rounded up 6 useful ideas you can take advantage! Bathroom renovations

  • Opt for solid colours. Choosing natural tones for your small bathroom will make it look spacious. To avoid a boring feel, you can be creative with textures. Just make sure to avoid patterns and prints.
  • Shelves should be in the corner. Installing storage units or shelves into the corner will help you maximise the space regardless how small the room is.
  • Restructure the shower. Using sliding shower doors will give an illusion of more space for your bathroom. If sliding doors won’t work for you, shower screens are always up for grabs.
  • Replace your toilet. Replacing your toilet will give you dual purpose. First, you will get a toilet ideal for the size of your bathroom. Second, new models of toilets are eco-friendly as they only use less water.
  • Get a new bathtub. If still within the budget, consider replacing your tub with a lower-walled form. This will make your bathroom more open and airy. Ideally, a 5-foot tub is enough for small bath areas.
  • Remove large furniture. If you will be installing medicine cabinet, get one with appropriate size. Hanging the cabinet is also an option so long you have it at comfortable height.

Renovating your bathroom, no matter how small it is, is worth it. It will give you a stunning place that would offer a nice retreat every day. If in case you will have some issue with renovations all by yourself, contacting a professional to do the work is a good option. And if you want to know how to properly clean your bathroom, check this out.

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